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 Swinging Through Time

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PostSubject: Swinging Through Time   Swinging Through Time Icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 1:26 pm

Tamaki frolicked down the sandy road starting to enjoy how quaint this wilderness trip could be. He paused suddenly when something shiny caught his eye off the beaten path. Curiosity prevailed and soon the host king wandered off in the lush grass. Thankfully the ground beneath him was already dry from the morning dew and soft beneath his sheathed feet. On another good note the air wasn't humid for once and the amount of foliage he was passing provided quaint shade. Only a gentle summer breeze mused wisps of his platinum locks as he continued on his self proclaimed journey.

The brief shimmer glazed his eye again, and with a turn of his head he finally located the source. A metallic playground hidden from the sunlight therefor heat. The young male gazed at it in wonder how it was so well maintained, free from any signs of rust or decay. Whatever was such a wonderful work of fun doing so far away from the main camp grounds? How would anyone ever come across it should their eyes not catch the shine from so far away? The answer to this, as Tamaki would soon find out, was...there is a stone path on the opposite site complete with a well sculpted tree tunnel.

Without any further ado the blonde pranced happily over to his favorite part of the playground since his childhood, the swings. The chains holding the seat where warm but not uncomfortably so and better yet they did not creak! Tamaki began to swing with fluid motions letting his mind drift back and forth in the process with his movements.
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Swinging Through Time
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